In Search of Heer

There are books that tell you not just the story of the characters, but the story of mankind. They carve out a special place in your mind and soul with no return ticket. A book that understands you and makes you understand at the same time. Something that is realistically magical and pleasantly painful. ‘In Search of Heer‘ – The retelling of a 600-year-old, legendary, and enduring love story from the land of Punjab, is one such book.

Deedho Ranjha, a wayward man, does not vouch for owning lands and wealth to measure his worth. He is a philosopher, blessed with the finest sense of music that creates magic and the one who believes that women are not a property to exert possession on. On the contrary, Heer is a woman of substance. She is magnificently beautiful with a strong character, taking responsibility for her life, and fearlessly challenging the patriarchal norms of society. Heer and Ranjha were everything that a man and woman must not be to abide by the baseless rules of society. They were destined to cross paths and fall in love.

The story of Heer and Ranjha has been told and retold multiple times in different movies and literature. Manjul Bajaj’s version of this timeless tale opens up the door for unending imaginations, love, devotion, and ordeal. Having the story narrated by not only the protagonists but a flight of pigeons, a crow, and a stoical goat added up to the charm. The rich details of the places and people will keep you embedded in the land of five rivers and effortlessly carries you to the place where it is actually happening. The impactful characterization leaves behind the characters with long-lasting impressions. The extreme feeling of acceptance and dejection for the characters, even the minor ones, corroborates the same.

This is not only a tale of a classic romance but also voices against the irrational ordinance of the society and the boundaries set for women in the name of safegaurding them. The magical and poetic flow in writing, with every piece placed perfectly, recreates the historical tragic love story in context with the modern readers to understand and accept love in all aspects. This book and the fearless and uncompromising Heer will always remain close to my heart.



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