The Memory Entourage : Intoxicated by memories

Oscar Wilde said it right that “Memory is the diary that we all carry with us”

We might not remember the gifts we received on our birthday, but we remember our loved ones who made that day special and how happy we were on that day. Similarly, after returning from a vacation we may forget or misplace the momento we bought there, but we will never lose the memories of the trips and the experiences.

Memories are just like a flip through journal of each day of our life so far. some are good and some are bad but all together they hold a very special place in our hearts as they define us. What we are today and what we used to be is narrated truly by our memories and experiences.

From the first day of school to the first friend, the college days, first love, first trip, first job, and everything that we have gone through so far are evidently registered in our memory. Memory can make us happy if it relates to something special and amazing event and sometimes may even make us sob for the bad times. But in the end, memories prove how strong we are that we are still facing everything standing upright even after handling all the goods and bad of the past.

This book “The memory Entourage” by Shruti Das addresses the important opinion about the permanence of memories and temporary characteristics of time and life. It has everything to connect with your thoughts head-on. Divided into four parts with poems that hold their significance independently and yet feels related and connected to all others.  The poems are about nature, love, emotions, friends, and many more day-to-day events. Every poem is presented beautifully in a simplified yet impactful manner.

Metaphors are there at some places while some poems were plain vanilla with the lyrical format. The entire book including the cover design is really aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. Right from the bright colors of the cover to the soft and rhythmic wordings of the poems, It has everything to please you and take you to a happy place.

While reading this book, I could actually remember myself reconnecting with some of my special memories of mine. I would recommend everyone to read this book. It is amazing for relaxing and unwinding.

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