How The Tables Have Turned

There is this thing about short stories that every story starts with its own set of plots and characters and is completely unique from one another. This is something that I love the most about short story collections. They are the perfect companion for the gloomy days to add that extra sparkle and adventure to them. Traveling through multiple genres and depicting a plethora of emotions, they make sure to surprise you after every story and will hold you back for the next one.

‘How the tables have turned’ by Nazia Ahmed is a short story collection and like I said earlier that short stories can be so unexpected that you can not make any guesses about what the book holds for you just from the title of the book. This book has a total of ten super short stories revolving around various human emotions and psyche. some stories will comfort you and provide warmth whereas some will hit you hard as a storm.

There are stories of unique unimaginable sibling love, desire to have an inheritor, possession of a family treasure, sinister side of curiosity, and so on. Every story feels relatable yet completely distant. It will feed your questioning mind yet soothes your nerves. Every story is unique, fresh, and raw in expressing human emotions. The stories are written in an interesting manner with moderate narration. It is easy to read and understand and hence adds to the joy of reading this book.

I absolutely enjoyed and loved reading this book and it’s a big thumbs up from my side. You can definitely invest your time, money, and energy without any second thought. This book can be enjoyed by everyone and especially by beginners and newbies who are starting their reading journey. It can be a great book for avid readers too to come out from that annoying reading slump.

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