Women oppress women

Below is an excerpt from the book In search of Heer

” Yes, precisely, women oppress women. Why blame the men alone? why will they try to change an existing order in which they get a bonded slave to cook food, wash clothes, clean home, bear children, and take care of their aging parents? Why do they fall all over themselves to tyrannize other women? ”

After reading these words, I couldn’t continue reading any further as it was something different than the usual information that I was consuming so far. Can you recollect all those memes or posts portraying that (only) men are responsible for all the sufferings of women and that they have looted all our dreams and opportunities? Do you agree with all of them, like entirely ??

Well, I don’t. As they say, I might be the privileged one, but all the men around me have always been really supportive and considerate towards my dreams and desires. Let it be my family or friends or even colleagues. I still remember the time when I have to stay back really late in the office for review of work or finalization of assignments, my male colleagues would offer to stay back and drop me home to ensure my safety. In fact, if I try to recollect all my experiences with hatred and jealousy, needless to say, that they were directed from other women.

I am noways saying that women are always at fault or men are always right. I am just trying to make a point here that we have to seriously stop generalising and blaming a single gender for all our miseries. Especially now when everyone is talking about feminism, let’s not fall for pseudo-feminism. Instead, try and understand the main crux that feminism always talked about gender equality and not proving that one gender is superior to the other.

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