Episodic Poetry

Episodic Poetry – Flashes of thoughts‘ by Nishant Gang is a poetry collection having 49 poems and 1 message for every reader out there. This is the second book by the author and after reading his debut work ‘Silent Words‘, I was super excited to explore this new set of poems.

Poetry for me is like wandering thoughts binded together by flow of words. They are delightful to read and resonates with our heart and soul very efficiently and with ease. This book comes with similar attributes. All the 49 poems in this book are unique and fresh. The content that is presented here for the readers is definitely of supreme quality that is not only soothing to the heart but feeds your mind too. There is no single theme or setup but a variety to explore. There are poems on various kind of human emotions, life phases, and philosophy.

There is this thing about Nishant’s writing that I admire the most and it is truly reflecting in this book. He has that ability to catch the vibrations of thoughts and emotions from the surrounding environment and beautifully crafting masterpieces out of it. There is a consistent flow in his writing style and every single poem depicts the vibes and feelings in completely raw form. There is no galmorization rather there is actuality and practicality in these poems that represents the observant and conscious behaviour of the author. The choice of words, metaphors, the title, the cover, everything is simple yet elegant. All the poems in this book are easy to comprehend and more importantly to equate with.

I absolutely loved every bit of Episodic Poetry and looking forward to read more such amazing work by the author. This is a great book for readers who are new to the poetry genre and all the poetry lovers, I am sure you are going to find out some thing or the other in this book that you would love reading.

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