Almost: Stories of Darya & Qamar

Whenever we listen to the word ‘Love‘, a fairytale story of Romeo Juliet, and Heer Ranjha crosses our mind. We have normalized love to be forever. That the two people who are entirely in love with each other are meant to be together. But is it so? Do all love stories end up on a glittery note with smiling faces?

After reading ‘Dearest Love‘ and ‘Freefall‘ by the author, I was looking forward to this book and the blurb was quite promising. This is the story of Darya and Qamar. They both are like mountains and sky, adding a lot to each other’s existence and charm and yet can’t get united. The love and longing are as real as the awareness of separation. They both loved each other but can not be together. They have a beautiful unfinished short-lived love story. Even after knowing that it will heartbreaking and devastating, they stayed into it and struggled for this shortest forever. Prachi said it beautifully that ‘with love, we have reality vs probability‘.

The author has used a lyrical pattern to pen down the entire book. Every story has a poetic flow. I absolutely loved the poetic vibe of this book and mentioning of instances retro Bollywood songs. Every emotion is so beautifully portrayed that it goes straight into the heart and on giving a little thought you will realise the depth of emotions and love in the writing. This book can be disappointing for those looking for a plot driven romance novel and will be an absolute treat for poetry lovers because of such vibe of the book.

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