The Liberation Sita

The liberation of Sita‘ is a retelling of Ramayana and captures the journey and perspectives of Sita in form of short stories. In these stories, Sita meets Shurpanakha, Ahilya, Renuka, and Urmilla. Their conversation is full of self-reflection and awakening. There are lots of unanswered questions to brainstorm upon like, why women are always suppose to sacrifice in the name of family and tradition? Why men are always benefited from superiority?

In this book, my most favorite part is where Sita meets Surpankaha. Firstly because I have never heard or read about this meeting after the Lanka yudh between Ram and Ravan, and secondly because the image of Surpankha that is registered in my memory because of all the books and shows, is of a wicked demon. But this book shows the complete opposite side of her. She has become more poised and elegant and has learned to appreciate her inner beauty despite her noseless face. The conversation between Sita and Surpankaha is enriched with self-love and self-acceptance and depicts the purest form of love and devotion.

This is a short book and can be read in one go so I would recommend reading this book once. I personally admire Sita a lot for her questioning mind and straightforwardness. I have always been in awe of her beauty and strength because of course, it requires a bigger heart to do all the sacrifices and accept dejection with complete dignity. This book is anything and everything about Sita becoming the woman that she is. Her awakening, self-reflections, and experiences are sufficient to feed one’s mind and soul.

One thing that was a little bit disappointing for me was the bumpy ride throughout the book. The stories were losing the flow every now and then. The possible reason for the loss of essence that I can think of is probably due to translation. But keeping that aside, it was a good reading experience and this book deserves a chance.

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