God is a person

Do you believe that God exists?

It is a very subjective topic. Many of us believe in God and even offer prayers to them as a daily ritual. For others, it is the other way round. But don’t you think that we all at some point believe that there is a superior power that is controlling every possible or impossible thing around the universe. Well, the debate on this can go for ages. We all have lots and lots of questions about God, spirituality, earth, nature, universe. Most of the time they remain unanswered but this book ‘God is a person‘ covers almost everything that runs into our curious minds backed up with practical and valid explanations.

This book is transformed from the conversation of T.D.Singh with two prominent noble laureates in physics, Charles Townes & William Philips. Mr. Singh asks various questions relating to philosophy, science, spiritual aspects, God, etc; to Charles and William. This conversation between such talented people is really informative. We usually have this perception about scientists that they lack their spiritual and moral intellect but surprisingly in this book all of them are having such rich discussion wherein the spiritual and philosophical aspects seems to amalgamate with the practical reasoning. The best thing about this book is that it is not trying to impose one kind of thought on anyone. It is an informative and rich discussion that will help you expand your thoughts and perceptions and accept things on a broader wavelength.

The book starts with few quotes by the famous personalities of the science world evidencing their belief in God and spirituality. The entire book is presented in a decent way but to comprehend and truly understand the content, you have to actively participate in the process. The best way to get benefit out of this book is to be as curious as possible and let your thoughts wander and find their own destination. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning of this book but once the flow was set it was a treat to read every single word. A truly enriching reading experience and I will highly recommend this book.

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