I came upon a lighthouse

I came upon a lighthouse‘ is a memoir by Shantanu Naidu which is about his journey and the bond he shares with Mr. Ratan Tata. It is an account of moments he got to live with him and all the guidance and learnings that he has received. Finding a boss, mentor, and a friend in just one person is a dream for many, and if that one person turns out to be Mr. Tata, then surely it is more than a dream come true.

I loved how Shantanu has presented everything with a sense of clarity, honesty, and utmost warmth. He has shared about his background, family, friends, and of course, ‘motopaws‘, the reason behind all this happening. This gives you an insight into his personality. Along with all his achievements, Shantanu has talked about his fears and tangled thoughts with transparency. This book does not brag about all the good things only but, there is a sensible and sincere reflection on past experiences by the author.

While reminiscing about his old memories, Naidu gives readers a chance to understand the less explored personality of Mr. Tata. We all have read this multiple times that Ratan Tata is a great industrialist and philanthropist but this memoir gives an introduction of a completely different side of him where there is a child like innocence, a big warm heart, and a great friend. Everything about this book is beautiful, but my favorite from this book has to be the part where there is an unfeigned discussion over ‘Nano‘. I have read quite a lot of articles and case studies on it, but nothing as heartfelt as it is in this book. Sometimes logic and strategies can not be a sufficient measure to weigh the vision of doing good for humankind.

I have always been an admirer of Mr. Tata and so reading this book was a treat for me. It is one of those books that gives a positive vibe, shares happiness, and makes you believe in yourself. It feels like reading the story of a boy next door, who is just like us, with his own share of failures and self-doubts but is finding his ways to be better every day. Shantanu’s memoir will conveniently convince you in believing that the distance from being ordinary to extraordinary can be travelled by anyone if there is will and dedication to learn and unlearn consistently.

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