Unfinished – A Memoir

Unfinished is a memoir by Priyanka Chopra Jonas. It is a reflection of her professional journey and personal experiences. The book starts with her childhood days, giving info about her background, family, and friends. Her story moves from India to the United States to Los Angeles. Who thought that a dusky Indian girl who always aspired to become an aeronautical engineer will end up becoming a popular Bollywood actress and continuing to spread her charm and legacy beyond the country boundaries.

Unfinished is a journey of hardship and perseverance. Through this book, Priyanka has given us all the opportunity to peek into her life and be a part of her not-so-usual journey of becoming a global star. Coming from an army family where both the parents are doctors and have no filmy background, she herself has never imagined in the wildest of her dreams that one day she will rule on the hearts of her millions of fans.

In a twenty-year-long career, we have seen her grow so much along with tits and bits of downfall here and there. Our very own desi girl went all global and continues to be the best. While reading this book, I was aware that it is the story of Priyanka Chopra but still there were moments where it all felt relatable. Especially the moments where she chose untravelled paths overlooking her doubts and fears. Isn’t that what we all have to do at different points of our lives? Maybe this is why she is still being looked up to by most of the girls and women out there who are striving to make their own identity.

This book is equally balanced between her personal and professional life. Her relationship with her family and husband, especially her father is described so gracefully. This book is a finely knit story of endurance, values, zeal, and self-belief. Read this book to know more about Priyanka Chopra of course, plus to learn how to stop limiting your dreams within the boundaries of self-doubt and fear.

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