VISIONARY thinking

A phase where concepts like metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain are gaining popularity and a future where there is a threat to humans getting replaced by robots for many jobs, Do you really think that having a restricted and routine thought process will ever let you grow or achieve the success you desire for?

The world is moving and developing at a very fast pace and it has always been led by great visionaries. Nowadays, we come across so many products and services on a regular basis that we never imagined will exist. But there were always people among us who gave their minds a boundless space to create the unimaginable and unthinkable. Despite being one of the most important elements of this procedural world, Visionary is a concept that is still mysterious to many. The book, ‘Visionary thinkng’ by Ashish Jaiswal, is curated to break down the theory of visionary thinking for the betterment of humankind.

In this book, the author has first explained the essence of visionary thinking, its origination, the science behind it, and its importance. After giving an appropriate intro, he takes us through various techniques and philosophies like the sketch and paint theory, calment canvas, etc, backed up with real-life, practical, and relatable references. There are some bigger questions asked in the book which will help readers in analysing and acknowledging the actual important things in life.

This book is a well-researched guide that helps you in exploring the importance and benefits of being a visionary. It guides you on how you can start your journey of becoming a visionary thinker by giving proper reasoning and answers to all the hows and whys. Everything is presented in a concise manner with utmost clarity and to the point. Not even a single part of this book feels repetitive or extra. Everything makes proper sense.

This book is a must-read for everyone.

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