‘Khayaal’, a word that holds a gazillion of emotions. It is limitless and timeless with no visible boundaries. It’s a space that gives you the liberty to be you. Here you can breath more freely, dream fearlessly, and choose your own kind of fairytale. This book by Anandarupa Chakrabarti is all about that and even more.

Remember those days when your heart was in turmoil, unable to find that sync with the believes and values that your mind was preaching and there is so much for you to say but you don’t know how, well this book beholds all those emotions of yours. Khayaal is an account of our very own emotions and feelings, that fresh love, first accomplishment, solitude, longing, heartbreak, numbness, and the record goes on.

As aesthetic as the book cover and the title is, the poems inside are even more heartwarming. Every page of this book comes like a little surprise to you as there is no particular theme chosen. There is a variety to explore. You might not end up relating with each of the poems but you will find plenty of reasons to call this book your home. That is the vibe it radiates.

Set down in a decent manner with flowy language and comprehensible vocabulary, these poems will give the comfort and warmth that you are seeking. While creating this piece of art, the author has poured her heart down on the paper. Every emotion is so well written that it feels like having a self conversation. Be it a beginner or avid reader, if you enjoy reading poems, go grab this one for yourself.

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