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Heys! I am Namita Pal, a book reader/ reviewer, and a content writer. I am from a culturally diversified land, India. I always tend to find my comfort in between the pages, either by reading or writing and that is what this blog is more about.

Reading books has always been a kind of escape for me from the practical world. sometimes I feel like getting lost with the fictional characters, travelling to places with them, and finding a part of me in their recitals. My love for reading books and creating bookish content is the reason why I started with bookstagram.

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I wish to travel the whole world someday, meeting new people, exploring different cultures that I might have read somewhere in my books, and sharing my experiences with everyone. I guess that’s where I gained my love for reading more and more stories. I always find it relaxing and easy to scribble my thoughts on paper rather than giving them a voice. Reading and writing are like therapy for which my mind craves. Do you feel this way?

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Hope to see you here again. Until then, keep reading and exploring a new world 😉

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