Book Review Policy

Thank you for parking in here and paying a visit to my blog “far.from.the.chaos”. If you are an author or publisher and want to get your books reviewed, I will wholeheartedly accept your request. I request you to please read the below information to get an insight into my working space and more importantly to be on the same page.

My preference

I love exploring all the genres without any discrimination and my favorite ones are self-help, literary fiction, and fantasy.

Formats accepted

I am happy to work with paperbacks, hardcovers, kindle, e-books, pdf, etc. (most preferred would be paperbacks and hardcovers)


5 stars – It was a fantastic read for me

4 stars – I enjoyed reading it

3 stars – Liked it

2 stars – Okay read

1 Star – Will not recommend it

Time Required

Normally I take 4 weeks to read and review the book, although it can extend if I already have other review copies available at that moment.

Publishing Review

I post book reviews on my blog, Instagram, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Review Policy

– My services regarding book reviews are chargeable and I accept payment in advance.

– I read books without being biased and review them with all my honesty. If you are not looking for constructive criticism if any, then this place is not suitable for you.

– Criticism (if any) will be directed towards the books and not to the authors.

– I provide services like video review of books, author interviews and giveaways and you can contact me for detailed packages

“Thank you for patiently bearing with me so far.

You can send me mail to [email protected]


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