Our anxieties and insecurities

We all live with our anxieties and insecurities every day. There is so much uncertainty in today’s world that it’s becoming really difficult for us to even plan our next day. Life is very unpredictable and we all know that but what helps us to make up our mind and keep hustling is the positive […]

Be the change you want to see – “Vibes”

What are your thoughts on the word “vibes”? What does it mean to you? Vibes are the emotional signals that we impart out to others by the way of our social behavior or body language. A person who believes in spreading happiness and who has that positive attitude always transmits “good” or “positive” vibe and […]

Follow your heart

  “You can’t live a lie. You have to follow your heart” – Paul Walker A simple yet most significant phrase, following your heart, is something that a lot of people want to do but very few can ever take action to make it a reality. Those who have that courage met great challenges in […]