Blood Brothers

Blood brothers is the second book in the series “The land of the four” by Samantha Evans. This book is determined to thrill you with the return of black magic and evil in a much menacing form. This is a fantasy novel and will take you to land of Darzeli where King Liam will fight […]

Red Flag

“Red Flag” by Maxi James Carter is YA fiction and the first book in Ricochet series. This is the story of Edie and her friends. Edie always knew about her attraction for shiny and sparkling objects. Her love for Shiny objects and hide and seek helped her a lot in her jewel thief career. Edie […]

ELLA – Book Review

“Ella” is the first book of the series, “The land of the four” put down by author Samantha Evans It’s a fantasy book that revolves around the lives of protagonist prince Liam, his lady loves Anna, his brother Cullen and the silvery, fire emitting dragon, Ella. Liam, prince of Darzeli is a shy and sensitive personality […]